Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ol' Hallows Eve

Happy Halloween! I know we still have a bit of time left, but all I have on my head is spooky good fun. I ♥ Halloween but can no longer stand receiving food or candy as a party gift. Why not spice it up?

I love anything that smells like food that you can wear. I love getting items that last awhile and remind me of Autumn like Sephora's trick-or-treat shampoo in Pumpkin and Carmel.

I love receiving invites, although since moving I have not really made much acquaintances in our neighborhood (even though we've no been here for 2 years) oops! So, why not send an invite to meet a great new faces at Hicks Paper Goods for creepy and fun patterns and designs!

Okay, when in doubt, grab yourself and the munchkins a classic DVD such as The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

I couldn't resist a yummy, you have to have some treats on Halloween! Stop by The Sweet Tooth Fairy to help satisfy your appetite. Isn't this cake precious!

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