Thursday, September 24, 2009

Surprises from the tooth fairy!

Creativity, fun, and imagination meet special occasions, parties, and birthday fun! Check out these cakes from The Sweet Tooth Fairy Wouldn't one of these be the perfect finale to any party? ;) Yum! The Sweet Tooth Fairy also specializes in cookies and cupcakes! Not only yummy in my tummy but easy on the eyes!

Giveaway Galore!

The ever creative and continuously busy Mama at TomKatstudio welcomed PaPaYa Art's giveaway! PaPaYa Art company specializes in paper, gift and home items. One lucky winner will be awarded a stunning selection of cards, gift cards, file folders, journals, and so on. Doesn't that sound like a hoot! ;) If interested, take a peak on the Tom Kat Studio site to get further information, and don't forget to also look around Kim's etsy shop for neat-o DIY items for parties, birthdays, and so on! Happy exploration!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My monkey

My monkey (sigh) what a HAM! Isn't she just the diva in pink sunglasses! Ha!
Here she is with her ballerina tutu and flash cards from Gaddie and Tood that she loves to count.

Ha! I still can't believe my Mon Che Che is now 2 years old! She has such a blast being a "big" girl and riding her bike.

Over the weekend my mother was goofing off with Miss Monkey, here she is saying and signaling "SAFE!" as an umpire ;)

My wee lil one. My oh my! Mon Che Che love is great. To my girl...muah!

The fundamentals of learning

What better way to find items for learning, parties, or just simple fun! The record book as seen here, found at TheLearningStation brings inspiration to parents and teachers through an assortment of games, educational products, and books, just to name a few. Check out this Mary Engelbreit "I'm in Charge Here" Record Book, so snazzy and fun! I still have my M.E. book called "My Symphony" that I received while in Orchestra...

Swinging into SAS!

Fall is just around the corner, and what better way to enjoy the cool and crisp weather, foliage, and warm colors than with cupcakes found at sweetnsassycupcakes fall collection. Yummy! Look at these decadent treats in all their chocolate and creamy glory. My mouth is now watering profusely.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


I must say, I'm very much enjoying the world of blogging over parties, motherhood, children, and neat finds. August is over which is so nice for me considering my daughter 2nd birthday, my mother turning...30 again ;) and not to mention school for me and daycare for PBL. What a whirlwind! On a lighter note, here are photo's from a family baptism we held in Ohio a couple of weeks ago.

First,, I'll start by saying I love Better Bit of Butter Cookies found at betterbitofbutter which was kind enough to make these yummy and adorable cookies! L-O-V-E it!
With 4 women standing over a table, chairs, and one another (j/k) we had so much fun decorating for the boy of the hour, Mr. Alexander M. Alioto! My ♥ skips when I'm aroud that cutie! Gaddie and Tood at gaddieandtood was sweet to help me with designing these magic wands for all the kids. Such a hit!

We chowed down on the honeybakedham which was a feast made for an army! I usually don't eat like a little piggy, but I loved everything.

The decor was extremely precious. Thanks to four women in my family for using muscle and great taste in simple decor. Rock on!

My sweet cousing, his mother, my father, my aunt, and uncle. The baptism was simple, beautiful, and a great experience. My daughter has not been through the ordeal yet and don't know if it will ever happen. My family is technically Catholic but...we weren't raised with it in our home. We centered around family, we are Italian after all! :)