Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Giving thanks crafts

I'm not particularly crazy over thanksgiving, I cherish and show thanks for all the treasures in my life....health, family, school, a roof over my head, and so on.

But I really get in to the spirit of Halloween and Christmas. So, why not get inspired through crafts! I love making crafts! I found these fun little kiddo creations on Making Friends

I love how every detail is simple and fun. Paper, creativity, and children writing down their thanks. What could be more fun!? Some ideas even come with kits besides the usual instructions. So rather than enjoying just the fall foliage, take a gander at these colorful crafts for Thanksgiving.

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  1. I am getting all the giving thanks craze this year! I saw the Gratitude tree idea and posted a freebie for it on my blog... even though you are not so crazy for Thanksgiving, maybe you will like this idea! Make sure you download the free Gratitude Tree Tags and start a new family tradition: Sweetly Sweet

    Happy Thanksgiving!