Friday, June 25, 2010

ABC Dr. Seuss Birthday! {guest post on Birthday Girl}

I'm an avid reader of the Birthday Girl, with all her fantastically beautiful party ideas and posts. Not to mention, all the yummy recipes she posts from cake, pie, to printables  and inspiration boards. Oh yeah, a pretty incredible blog to follow for inspiration for any event you may be hosting.

This week she has a guest post from Courtney of Nesting Instincts. I'm crazy in love with Dr. Seuss (seriously) we have EVERY book by Dr. Seuss in Miss P's room. I secretly plan to have a Dr. Seuss birthday party when I have my little boy one day. Shh. Totally a secret from BP Man. He knows all about my crazy baby talk, but tells me to constantly chill-out. With part-time work resuming, my just now starting the undergraduate program, and preparing a toddler for preschool in the fall...I get a little carried away. What can I say!? I have big plans for the future! ;)

Any-who, just look at these adorable pictures.
 {pictures via Courtney of nesting instincts}

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