Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I am no longer enjoying the east coast winter developments.
Having 20 inches from last weekend and another 10 to 16 inches tonight just makes me cringe.

So to bring warmth to my heart and possibly yours, I found these crafts to make with TLC and fun!
Who wouldn't feel special and warm-up to these home made beauties?!
Festive for those special someone's in your life.

My daughter is 2 years old.
Making the cards and having her decorate this year is uber-fun!
Hearts that open on the right and left hand sides and glittered with love.
She will be having a friendship Valentine party on Friday. If our weather does not ruin it, we will be passing out personalized cards for all her friends and teachers.
What types of Valentine crafts will you be making and enjoying?


  1. sooooo muuuuuch snow! i love it though!!!! my husband is forced to work less and I LOOOOVE it!

  2. I would love it, except my current courses mean trying to work and play with my daughter. Very challenging!It is so pretty and fun to play in--wish I could all day!