Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dreaming of Gardens...

I'm excited to have P's 3rd birthday theme be a Garden Party!
Martha sure knows how to spruce-up garden creativity, I mean look at the colors!
Every detail oozes whimsical, sweet, beautiful, and classy.

My daughter is turning into such the girlie-girl! Princess is everything!
I know, why wouldn't I do a Princess theme? Because 1. it will be summer, 2. she hearts water! Seriously hearts it! 3. children want to explore and show indpendence, so why not be outside with fresh air!

Looks like I'll be re-ordering invites as my BS/P has changed and I also want to be sure we have some hot weather on her day (water will be involved). I'm just thrilled I'mfinding more ideas and inspiration that can be incoorperated into the theme.

Please feel free to share any images, sites, or ideas you may have! I love hearing other's thoughts on party planning!

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