Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Garden Party!

It's only January, yet I'm planning (early) my daughter's summer birthday.
I already purchased her invites and other nick-nacks.
I decided to go for a Garden Party inspired birthday in our backyard.
Kiddies pool...
And Bubbles!
I'm so excited! I'm planning early this year as
I graduate with my AAEE in July and dive into my BSEE immediatly!
That's a lot to swallow.
So I'm easing the stress through my daughter turning 3 years old in the garden.


  1. Haha! Love the cake!! So funny!

  2. LOVE the floral arrangement! I have started planning as well, and Charli's birthday isn't until June!

  3. Thanks ladies for the warm feedback! I'm having so much fun, and still have ways to go.

  4. I love the beehive cake! So cute and it does make me feel like maybe it WILL be warm again sometime soon :)

  5. Tanya, we can only hope! :) Spring...I miss you. Please hurry our way!