Wednesday, December 2, 2009

THe Holiday Season

Not only is it the season to be jolly, but going crazy with holiday decor!
We finished decorating the house and I've started to purchase gifts online.
Cannot even dare to enter that mall and be snickered at, pushed, shoved, or given looks by crabby Grinch's that don't believe in being a little extra nice during the holidays.
(no offense towards the Grinch--I truly love the movie!)

{via Martha Stewart}

I love the simplicity and cuteness of the holiday craft project Martha presents here.

I love vintage feel in all decor. Adding a touch of vintage from craft supplies, scrapbooking paper, and etc.
I love the paper wrapped with twine around the jars filled with candles. So sweet and simple.
What creative decor can you come up with?

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