Monday, December 21, 2009

Creativity during the holidays

I love traditions, old or new, just as long as its fun and inspiring to anyone and everyone.
I've been reading everyone's blogs and I'm loving how each and everyone of you share your holiday traditions.
Music while cooking.
Making cookies with the kids.
Donating time and love to others.
Creating cute and whimsical crafts.
You are all inspiring.

My fondest memory was in California (Salinas) dressed in jammies on Christmas Eve. We wound up driving through the country area's and admiring lights while listening to Christmas music (from the 80's and 90's) and giggling in our Ford mini van.
Oh, how I loved the simplicity and childhood callings.

I think Heather from Make and Takes is so creative. Creating holiday traditions such as a Santa and Reindeer pancakes for family or friends is special and yummy.


Heather Mann's personal blog, the Dollar Store Crafts also yields amazing crafts from the dollar store--awesome I say!
I think her Dollie snowflake Decor is super sweet and easy for the creatively challenged. 

Take a gander before the holidays if your on the search for simple and fun projects, especially for those that are dealing with snow and no school.

These may just be the indoor fun you need while having to prepare for the feast and other holiday tasks.


  1. Isn't it? I love everyone's ideas and creative touches for unique and thoughful traditions.